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Tuesday 15th, July 2014:

  • On a gloriously unrelated news: D.Grayman, the series by Miss Katsura Hoshino (for now at least), will finally get another Graphic Novel on the shelves this August! Hoshino had been battling a very serious illness and had to delay the series for several years. Lord willing Miss Hoshino will remain healthy enough to finish the series and perhaps in doing so may resurrect the Anime series which was forced to shut down from the author’s illness.
  • The Effects of the Youth Healthy Development Ordinance in Japan, which was altered this year, have bit their fangs recent manga was pulled due to concern’s it might prove harmful according to the ordinance.  on another probable trash manga. This time, Manga artist Arisa Yamamoto‘s Honestly, the front cover even highlights what appears to be a very young child, so one could hardly miss the stupidity of the series and its author’s apparent problem.
  • Japanese Soccer Star Atsuto Uchida will lend his voice for the new Pokemon the Movie XY: Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction. According to Asashi Shimbun, the athlete is very excited over getting to voice act a child-hood favorite game and is a little nervous as well.
  • Yu Moroboshi’s fantasy action light novel series Kusen Madoushi Kouhosei no Kyoukan (The Instructor of Aerial Combat Wizard Candidates) is getting its own Anime show.  The manga is on its 4th volume and is set in aerial cities where humanity defends against evil creatures called Makouchu. Check out the news feed at CrunchyRoll.

Sunday 6th, July 2014:

  • Sentai Filmworks recently announced July 5th they acquired the anime series ‘I Couldn’t Become a Hero so I Reluctantly Decided to Get a Job’, as well as 7 other series. The series is naturally a funny comedy about a man named Raul Chaser who was going to fight the Demon King, except the war ended up unexpectedly. The series hilariously showcases his newest coworker at the local shop where Raul works as none other than the daughter of the Demon King. According to the Examiner, a home video release is expected to follow suit.
  • IN other news related to Sentai Filmworks, the ‘Tari Tari’ series is finally going to see a Blu-Ray release! As the Fandompost correctly states, the reason for the delay in the Blu-Ray release was largely due to the concerns of the Japanese market place, and it seems now is the time for letting the American market place have the high quality release.
  • You should definitely check out CrunchyRoll‘s Anime Expo announcement of their streaming more series, including “Akame ga Kill!”, “Blue Spring Ride”, “DRAMAtical Murder”.
  • According to AnimeNewsNetwork, Funimation recently announced their additions of Barakamon, Sengoku Basara Judge End, and Black Butler: Book of Circus. Black Butler has its own original release, so the sequel being added to Funimation’s roster was expected.

Saturday 28th, June 2014:

  • Mysterious Joker, Hideyasu Takahashi’s story of phantom thief who can steal anything in the world, is going to get its own Anime show. According to AnimeNewsNetwork, the show will premiere in October on Tokyo MX TV andKIDS STATION
  • For those getting excited over upcoming Sword Art Online II, Fandom reported that there is a new promo video out! The show premiers on July 5th and Aniplex USA will be the NA distributor.
  • io9 reported that Netflix is getting into the Anime industry by licensing the Anime series Knights of Sidonia! The 12 episodes that just finished airing in Japan will begin on Netflix on July 4th. This does mean Netflix will be the only legal way of watching the show, so you will need a Netflix account to access the series, although it only costs $8 a month for as long as you wish.
  • The Fandom Post also reported that Funimation will be simulcasting the series Tokyo Ghoul, a series that takes a slight nod to Bleach in which the main character becomes half ghoul and must readjust to his life as well as learn more about the Ghouls that he lived so ignorantly of. Funimation actually is going all in, according to FP, and also announced video rights at the same time, though that release is quite a ways down the line.

 Sunday 22th, June 2014:

  • reported that has revealed a few pictures for Akame ga KILL!, a manga about a man who is taken in by a family of assassins, who may or not be good guys but are recruiting. The manga will be made into its own Anime show and will premier July 6th.
  • Another report from Fandompost says that Tokyo ESP will find its debut on July 11th. The creator Segawa, has also created a previously licensed series in North America named Ga Rei Zero.
  • Lastly, “Ninja Slayer” ,a graphic novel created by Bradley Bond and Philip Morzez, is finally getting its own Anime show! According to the, the show will be premiered at the Anime Expo on July 3, 2014 at 6:00 pm PST.

 Wednesday 18th, June 2014:

  • AnimeNewsNetwork reported today at 10am that with the new Sailer Moon Crystal series coming out soon, MegaHouse has announced Petit figures for the series as well as a plush Sailor Moon! You can pre-order it directly here as well (In Japanese language)
  • For those who are fans of the series, also announced today was that Funimation licenses the film Bayonetta: Bloody Fate for Canada and the United States. A sneak peak, according to ANN, will be given at the Anime Expo happening July 3rd.
  • Viz Media will be at this coming Anime Expo, and will feature world premieres, giveaways among many more things. There’s even a Sailor moon day, according to ANN, along with special guests and other manga announcements. If you can make it, definitely go to the Anime Expo located in Los Angeles! For registration and getting your badges to the awesome Anime Expo, go here.
  • For those who have memories of Flame of Recca and Ceres, Celestial Legend, it was announced yesterday on Discotek Media’s Facebook page that they have purchased the licenses to the series. Just below the initial Ceres, Celestial Legend post, there was also a posted question asking about hypothetical Blu-Ray editions to the series! Although keep in mind this latest point isn’t set in stone.

Saturday 14th, June 2014:

  • According to the much acclaimed the much acclaimed Vagabond Manga will return in July finally! Vagabond has been a running series since before 2000, where it won the Kodansha award in general category, as well as a few more awards since then. The Series was also put on a short delay for both health and work reasons which happened to coincide near each other.
  • For those who are huge anime fans of subs, CrunchyRoll has expanded their influence when they announced Thursday they acquired the video discover app Redux. The main purpose is to be available in as many devices as possible, and since Redux is already integrated into PS3s and many other forms including Smart TVs, the fresh move may help achieve that goal. According to, the found of the company has already created a spinoff that he is running, and will not be with the team when CrunchyRoll assumes control.
  • The Manga Sabagebu! (Also refered in English as Survival Game Club!) is getting its own show, and recently the OP song was announced to be from a popular singer Ayaka Ohashi, a 19 year-old rising star from Japan. announced also that the TV version of the manga will get a premiere July 6 on TOKYO MX and a few other stations across Japan. You can watch the part of the intro song here.
  • And lastly this week, E3 came out this week, and one of the presentations is another game for the series Guilty Gear Xrd -Sign-. The fighting genre is slated for the PS3 and PS4, and features a remix of many of your favorite fighting anime figures. Should be a fun one! has a decent report on the series.

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